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NCAA athlete Tiffany Morales (University of Michigan), is shown here making a pancake dig while playing in China representing the USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team.  She is a strong believer in building up one's core and lower body in order to make explosive plays.


The SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Exercise Device is designed to help individuals tone and shape or get stronger through added muscle. Tiffany, who created two new exercises for the SmithShaper (the Thigh Combo and the Hamstring/Glute Burn),  knows the SmithShaper can help athletes and non-athletes alike. Tiffany says "whether you want to jump higher, run faster or simply fit better in your clothes, the SmithShaper is for you!"





Exercise is vital for all of us, regardless of age or fitness level. This is one reason we are confident that with regular use, the SmithShaper will help you in achieving your fitness goals. With the SmithShaper in your home, you have everything you need to start your own workout program. This multipurpose abdominal and squat exerciser home fitness tool will help you tone and strengthen the important muscle groups of your upper and lower body while helping you move quicker and jump higher.  The SmithShaper can help you:


  1. Lose inches while you tone and shape
  2. Build muscle while you add strength
  3. Increase your explosiveness, quickness and vertical jump through added leg power
  4. Regain mobility after recovery from ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder injury.
  5. Postpone knee replacement surgery through focused strengthening of the muscles, tendons and ligaments supporting the joint




The SmithShaper Ab Roller and Squat platform is lightweight and portable.  Take it with you to work or even when your traveling.  With the SmithShaper you will find you can use it pretty much anywhere.  This allows you to squeeze in workouts on your own time.




The SmithShaper is a product of many years of fitness training and two years of product design. We hope you agree that this unique combination of a flat platform ab-roller exercise equipment with a wearable rolling wall squat device, provides a fun and easy way to build muscle.


For those that aren’t into playing sports, the SmithShaper can improve your overall health and appearance while also adding an extra bounce in your step. For weekend warriors, amateur athletes or sports superstars, using the SmithShaper can provide the extra power and explosiveness you need on game day.




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